Poor Merchandise - do not shop at Silver Thread Embroidery


Do NOT do business with this shop. I purchased a backpack from this shop for my daughter last year. The backpack looked as good on the last day of school as it did on the first day of school. As such, I ordered from this shop again this year for my daughter’s second grade year, and I ordered the matching lunch box. I ordered early to avoid the back-to-school rush and received the backpack in late July. School started for my daughter on August 28th. As of October 10th, (less than two months from the first day of use) the backpack had literally fallen apart.

I sent a message to the shop owner, Oxana Boyko, about the problems and asked what next steps would be to address the issue. The owner did not express surprise or distress over the fact that her merchandise was of poor quality and had fallen apart after less than 60 days of use. No questions were asked as to when or how the problems happened or even specifically what the issues were; nor, did she show any motivation whatsoever to acknowledge the problem.

Keep in mind I’m a returning customer, I had posted a positive online review the year prior based upon the performance of the first backpack I purchased, AND I have referred a friend to her that bought a backpack for her own daughter.

Below is the curt, uncaring “you’re basically out of luck” response that I got from the owner:

“Sorry to hear that, Jennifer. However, I do not accept any claims after 30 days of receipt.

Damaged or defective items must be reported immediately, within 7 days of receipt to qualify for a replacement:


Your order was delivered on July 20th, almost three months ago, and does not qualify for an exchange or a replacement.”

Really?! There isn’t a mother out there who doesn’t expect a backpack to last more than two months. My 7 year-old daughter carries it from the car to her classroom closet where it stays during the day. Then she packs it, carries it back to the car after school and takes it to her room. I don’t know a single person who would say that it is reasonable for the backpack to have fallen apart.

I appealed to her again explaining that the backpack has fallen apart over the 60 days of use, and that faulty merchandise is not representative of Etsy. Below is the response Oxana sent to me:

"I already answered, I do not accept any claims after 30 days of receipt.

Your order was delivered three months ago, and does not qualify for an exchange or a replacement."

We all know that spending money at a store isn’t just about the merchandise (although the baseline expectation is that the merchandise be of quality). It is about the customer service, it is about how problems are addressed if and when they happen, and it is about whether a store appreciates our business.

If this is how a repeat customer who has left a positive online review and referred other people to her store is treated by Oxana, can you imagine how you as a first-time customer will be treated if you should happen to have a problem? I would warn any person against purchasing from Oxana Boyko and this store – 1. The quality of her product is not guaranteed 2. Your business is not valued. I am reporting her store to Etsy.

Review about: Backpack.

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